Complete Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Fox Catering supply bespoke stainless-steel kitchen ventilation canopies and associated air handling systems. The air management of any commercial kitchen is a crucial aspect of its ability to function. Air management in today’s terminology means to control both the extraction of dirty air and the supply of clean replacement air.

Fox Catering are happy to provide small extract-only canopies for basic catering establishments, just as we are equally happy to provide large extract/input island canopies with fire suppression systems for large complicated projects.

All our canopies & vent systems are fully compliant with the widely recognised 2005 DW/172 design regulations. We continually monitor these guidelines and have recently implemented the 2018 version. Among the many amendments and clarifications contained in the new document, the following are worthy of note.

• The appliance Coefficient Schedule has been significantly expanded and modified
• Modification to Grease Separation
• The lighting section has been modernised
• New section for Solid Fuel Equipment
• New section for Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation systems.
• Gas Interlocking
• Modifications to Pollution Control
• New section for Recirculation Systems
• Modifications to Cleaning and Maintenance
• Control Panels